St. John is the smallest and most breathtaking of the three U.S. Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean Sea, with unending options for fun, relaxation and adventure. Dining, snorkeling, scuba diving, shopping, hiking and more are counted among the most popular St John things to do. There’s something for everyone to enjoy during their visit to St John. 

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Shopping in St John

The best spot for shopping in St John is Cruz Bay, the island’s main town. It’s one of the liveliest places in St John, with Mongoose Junction, the island’s vibrant local shopping area. Visit the shops for souvenirs, clothing, duty-free jewelry, and more. 

Restaurants/Dining in St John

Once you’re done shopping, you can stop by one of the numerous restaurants in Cruz Bay. St. John features a number of dining spots not only in Cruz Bay but scattered around the island. It hosts a wide range of cuisines, ranging from the traditional Caribbean to French-inspired.

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Nightlife/Bars in St John

Whether you’re looking for karaoke or a cozy nook to indulge in a few drinks and laughs with friends, or a romantic sunset with delicious cocktails, the nightlife in St. John offers a little bit of everything. There are plenty of bars to choose from. Go party at a beach bar or relax with a glass of wine at a bar in town. Eager for a local favorite? Make sure you try the most famous island cocktail on St John: the Painkiller.

Sightseeing in St John

With a majority of the island designated as a national park, St. John features some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, like the beloved Trunk Bay. This beach is renowned for its crystal sands and underwater nature trail, and it is just one of the many memorable beaches on St. John.

The national park is also home to the Annaberg Historic District, where you can learn what St. John used to be like in a partially restored windmill and sugar factory.

Tours/Tour Guides in St John

Guided tours are often ideal to give an overview for island visitors. One of the most popular land-based tours on St. John provides transportation, typically in an open-air safari bus. Tour guides can show you the islands’ beautiful viewpoints, describe the island’s history, and share stories about life on the island. 

Catamaran Cruises in St John

Enjoy the waters of St John aboard a luxurious catamaran cruise. Some offer a view of the beautiful Caribbean sunset while you indulge in hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Others include a full day of sailing, snorkeling, and beach hopping. 

Boat & Dinghy Rentals in St John

With a reputation for having the most beautiful beaches in the Virgin Islands, St John is a great place to explore via water on your own. Be your own captain with a boat or dinghy rental. Rentals are typically reserved for experienced boaters. You can also rent one with a captain for the day if you prefer to just relax.

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Sailboat Charters in St John

Relax under the sun and let the wind take you away on the crystal blue waters. Whether you want to snorkel, beach hop, or just relax on the boat with an ice-cold beverage in hand, a sailboat charter can enhance your Caribbean experience.  

Fishing/Charters in St John

One of the more leisurely water activities in St John UVI is fishing. You can experience numerous fishing expeditions. Whether you’re looking for flats fishing, inshore fishing, or deep-sea fishing, there’s an experience for you. 

Kayaking in St John

Navigate St John by kayak for a more active water experience, with views of thriving coral reefs, stunning bays and white sand beaches. Kayaking is one of the most popular ways to enjoy unique access to the Virgin Islands National Park. You’ll have several kayak rentals companies available on St John, offering private kayak rentals, the option to take a guided tour, and even combine that kayak with your snorkel gear for a breathtaking experience among the clear turquoise waters. 

Snorkeling in St John

St John USVI is one of the top Caribbean destinations for snorkeling, with dozens of bays and beaches providing a multitude of stunning underwater locations. When you snorkel on St John, you’ll take in vibrant sea life, including an abundant population of sea turtles. Some popular spots to go snorkeling include Watermelon Cay, where you can spot large orange and yellow cushion starfish, Haulover (North), a bucket-list-worthy snorkeling spot, and Trunk Bay, where you can go on a snorkeling trail 650 feet underwater.

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Scuba Diving in St John

Scuba diving in St John is readily available for beginners looking to get their scuba certification and experienced divers alike. It has numerous top-rated scuba diving sites popular with both tourists and locals. Each location offers different types of scenery and marine species, so you’ll want to target your spot for the best experience.

Jet Ski Rentals in St John

One of the more adventurous water activities in St John is jet skiing. Jet skis aren’t allowed in National Park waters, but multiple places offer jet-ski tours.

Camping/Campgrounds in St John

After the CAT5 hurricanes in 2017, camping in St John became more limited. The most popular spot is probably camping in the Virgin Islands National Park, which is only allowed by reservation in designated camping locations at Cinnamon Bay Beach and Campground.

Hiking in St John

The Virgin Islands National Park is ideal for taking in the island’s diverse flora and wildlife. Several trails to choose from provide everything from a casual stroll to a more invigorating hike up to mountain peaks. Expect to find native carvings and abandoned sugar mills as well as cacti, trees, waterfalls, and all sorts of creatures. 

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Rent a St John Luxury Villa To Celebrate Any Occasion

Meet up in style for a family reunion, celebrate a destination wedding, or reunite everyone for an anniversary celebration. If you’re looking for a special time with ocean views, kicking back in the pool, easy beach access, and close proximity to the main port of Cruz Bay, be sure to explore a stunning 4-bedroom Luxury Villa Rental in St John USVI

Horseback Riding in St John

St. John is one of the few Caribbean islands that allows visitors to explore on horseback. You can go on a variety of trail rides, from daytime nature rides to moonlight beach excursions. You won’t need any riding experience, making it an excellent choice for visitors who want to casually take in the natural beauty of St John.

Day Spas in St John

Kick back and relax at a day spa in St John. Get a massage, facial, mani-pedi, or any other service that puts you at ease. Some of the top spas include Mango Bliss Spa and VI Body Spa. For the ultimate experience, enjoy a massage outdoor on your deck at your private villa!

Gyms/Fitness Centers in St John

Finding a gym or fitness center in St John is no problem when staying in shape tops your list of priorities. St John Fitness is the go-to gym, filling the void since Hurricane Irma destroyed the island’s two stand-alone gyms. 

Photographers in St John

Whether you’re looking for high-quality family photos, a professional for your St John destination wedding, or other memorable event photos, you can easily find a photographer in St John. A couple of popular photographers include Steve Simonson Photography, Lindsay Vann Photography and Anne Bequette – STJ Creative Photography.

Annual Events in St John

St John USVI features a few annual events for locals and visitors. The 8 Tuff Miles foot race, Wagapalooza dog event to raise animal shelter funds, and the month-long St John Festival with activities starting in June and continuing through July 4th.

Frequently Asked Questions About Things to Do in St John

What is St John Known for?

St. John features some of the world’s most memorable and beautiful beaches, like Trunk Bay, famous for its clear waters, crystal sands and an underwater snorkel nature trail.

When Is The Best Time to Visit St John USVI?

​​For travelers enjoying milder weather, mid-January to mid-April are considered to be among the best months to visit St John US Virgin Islands. With December comes the “dry season,” lasting through May. January and February typically produce the least amount of rainfall for the island. If you’re aiming to avoid the Virgin Island’s official tourist season, May and June offer a perfect option for many, keeping in mind that St John doesn’t really ever get “crowded.” 

Hurricanes and tropical storms do occur on St John, and some travelers are wise to purchase travel insurance so they’re trip is protected should poor weather inspire a change in plans. The months of June through the end of November mark the official hurricane season, with the peak starting in mid-August and lasting until the end of October.

What Are The Top Attractions To Visit In St John?

Some of the most popular spots to visit in St John include:

  • Ram Head Trail
  • Coral Bay Harbor
  • Maho Bay Beach
  • Francis Bay
  • Trunk Bay Beach

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