St John in the US Virgin Islands is an accessible tropical destination with something for everyone and attractions to help celebrate any special occasion. Whether you want romantic restaurants for a honeymoon or anniversary, national parks for a family adventure, or beaches and rum-based cocktails for a spring break getaway, St John delivers.

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The Best Reasons to Visit St John USVI for a Special Occasion

St John is a convenient, easily accessible Caribbean destination known for its jaw-dropping scenery. It’s easy to reach, especially for American citizens, who don’t need a passport to visit. At the same time, the brief ferry ride from the airport on neighboring St Thomas and the expansive natural areas of US Virgin Islands National Park bring a sense of remoteness and exclusivity. 

St John is considered by many to be the best island in the Caribbean, making it an excellent vacation destination for anyone who wants to merge a beach getaway with ecotourism, scenery, amazing food, and engaging Caribbean culture. With it’s often mild and inviting weather, the island can be especially inviting for people celebrating a special occasion like a destination wedding, bringing the generations together for a unique family reunion, wedding anniversary, birthday, or a successful school year. 

Here are common reasons to visit St John USVI and attractions that can help you make your special time memorable. 

Destination Wedding in St John USVI – Tie the Knot Here

Destination Wedding St John Usvi - Villa CalypsoSt John isn’t just a top-notch honeymoon spot. It can also host a vibrant and breathtaking destination wedding. There are plenty of different settings and attractions that can serve as a most special and natural backdrop for a ceremony and reception. 

Here is why you should consider a St John wedding in the US Virgin Islands as an unforgettable destination wedding. 

  • There are plenty of St John Wedding Venues. If you dream of a beach wedding, the sands here offer plenty of options. One of the many scenic spots for your “I Do” moment is Trunk Bay Beach.
  • You can choose between luxurious and casual. You can rent a St John private luxury villa on the coast for a more formal affair with a catered reception. An alternative is to have a casual beach wedding followed by a celebration with cocktails at the Banana Deck or Drink St John.

Because of the beaches, national park, and general lack of crowds in many parts of the island, it is relatively easy to find space for a private ceremony. 

Celebrate Your Anniversary on St John USVI

St John is an excellent destination for that special anniversary. Whether it has been one year, 10, or 25, the romance that makes the island so attractive for weddings and newlyweds doesn’t fade for those who have already tied the knot.

  • You can have unique adventures together. For example, you can head to Maho Bay to snorkel with sea turtles before grabbing a bite from the food trucks lining the beach. Maho is a popular spot, but it is never so crowded that it will cramp your romantic vibe.
  • You can plan as you go. If you are looking to add some unpredictability to your anniversary trip, it is easy to do on St John. You can wander down to Cruz Bay and pick a drinking, dancing, or dining spot that suits your fancy. There is a wide range of spots near the Cruz Bay Ferry Dock in the Wharfside Village area. 

The dinner cruises and scenic outlooks on St John are as appealing for an anniversary as they are for a honeymoon, so these activities will certainly find a place on your itinerary. 

Empty Nest Vacation Ideas

St John US Virgin Islands is an excellent place for your first trip after the kids leave home. And you have easy accommodation options to link up with other friends in paradise. Here are some reasons why you’d want to consider making the island the first place to enjoy a vacation without the family tagging along. 

  • You can have an adventure on the water. You can rent a boat, take a sailing trip, or snorkel with outfitters like Cruz Bay Watersports [1]. Many of these experiences are adult-oriented and include plenty of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres after you leave the water.
  • Your adventure opportunities aren’t limited. US Virgin Island National Park covers a majority of the land on St John, and it even stretches into the ocean [2]. There are opportunities for diving, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and ecotourism experiences. 

Birthday Vacation Ideas – Why Celebrate On St John?

If you are celebrating a landmark birthday or just looking for a reason to celebrate, St John has plenty of options that go well beyond blowing out candles and slicing cake. Here are some ideas: 

  • You can have a food-themed celebration. There are many vibrant restaurants in St John USVI to choose from, including The Terrace, with its stunning waterfront views and West Indian-style dining room.
  • Head out to enjoy live music. If you want a true island birthday experience, you can round out your birthday festivities with some live music. Venues include the Salty Mongoose, Skinny Legs, and the Beach Bar. 

A boat rental is a great idea if you want to spend your special day on the water. 

St John as a Summer Break Vacation – Family Reunions & More 

St. John Family Reunions

St John has plenty of activities for families. When the kids are out of school, you can bring them to the island for an unforgettable adventure. Here is why St John is an awesome summer getaway. 

  • There are plenty of family-friendly adventures. US Virgin Islands National Park is huge. You can find everything from guided imperative hikes to fishing and boating trips.
  • St John is ideal for family reunions. Grab yourself a luxury family villa and celebrate the gathering of multiple generations on the most beautiful island of the Caribbean. 

St John Festival, the island’s Carnival celebration, takes place in July, as well [3]. 

St John Honeymoon Vacation Ideas – A Top Romantic Destination

Honeymoons are about creating memorable romantic moments. And a St John USVI Honeymoon provides plenty of opportunities for this as one of the most scenic islands in the entire Caribbean. Here is why the island will appeal to newlyweds. 

  • The sunsets are amazing. You can take in the sunset at a scenic overlook, or you can book an evening cruise. The boats that offer these experiences have cocktails, music, and food, as well.
  • There is a great selection of romantic St John USVI Restaurants. For example, Zozo’s at Caneel Bay serves Italian food in a seaside setting, while Meada’s Garden dishes up local favorites in an inviting alfresco setting.
  • There are plenty of scenic overlooks. Among the options, don’t miss the unforgettable ocean and island views you’ll get on Cinnamon Bay Trail. When you’re ready to add some adventure to your honeymoon, take this popular St John hiking trail that winds through lush, shaded forest on a loop takes about 90 minutes to complete.

Your Next Spring Break Vacation: St John USVI!

St John is known for its nature, but it also knows how to have fun. Here is why the island is ideal for spring breakers. 

  • Attractions are centrally located on St John. Maho Bay Beach and the bars and restaurants of Cruz Bay are within walking distance of one another, so you can spend the day on the sand and transition to dinner and nightlife without having to trek across the island.
  • There are plenty of local areas. Mongoose Junction is an example of a local spot with drinking, dining, and shopping options. You are not limited to the usual tourist-centered experiences on St. John. 

Corporate Travel To St John – Bring Your Team!

St John is a good destination for corporate retreats or vacations to award hardworking staff. Here is why your company might want to choose the island. 

  • St John is user-friendly. US-based companies can travel without needing passports or currency exchange for their employees.
  • It’s easy to arrange group activities. Whether you want to rent a boat, take your group snorkeling, have a team-building hike, or have a catered dinner, it is all quite easy to arrange on St John. 

The island is also easy to navigate via rental car, bus, or taxi for employees who want to explore on their own. 

Where to Stay When Visiting St John US Virgin Islands

The qualities that you need for accommodations on St John will depend on your personal preferences and the reason for your vacation. However, there are certain traits that will appeal to everyone. Every traveler is looking for luxury and comfort, and most want something that is different. 


On St John, Villa Calypso provides a one-of-a-kind setting that merges luxury and ambiance with seaside views and a convenient location just seven minutes from Cruz Bay. It has enough space for a family vacation or corporate getaway, and the requisite privacy for an intimate seaside wedding. 



Frequently Asked Questions – Occasions for Visiting St John USVI

What are the most popular occasions and life events for visiting St John in the US Virgin Islands?<

Because of its stunning beach locations featuring pristine sand and waters, St John is such a popular choice for destination weddings, anniversaries and family reunions bringing together multiple generations to enjoy a touch of paradise.

Is St John a good summer vacation destination?

​​Yes! St John has two-thirds of its island designated as a national park, with some of the world’s most beautiful and secluded beaches. Large crowds are rare on St John, making it a perfect summer escape for groups, families and world travelers.

How do I get married in St John USVI?

Begin with an application for a wedding license from the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands.