When you stay with us, you are part of the solution. A portion of our profits support the work of Ocean Unite and help support Calypso of The Cousteau Society.

Calypso and the Cousteau Foundation

The Cousteau Foundation has been saving and protecting marine life for present and future generations since 1973.

Calypso, their flagship, originally built as a minesweeper, was retrofitted for oceanographic research and brought marine science to popular awareness with his long-running television series The Undersea World of Jaques Cousteau

The Cousteau Society, the custodian of oceanographer Jacques Cousteau’s legacy and the owner of the Calypso, his famous research vessel, have announced that they have secured the means to restore her and take her back out to sea.

But in 1996 – as Cousteau was looking to replace her with a new, modern and efficient Calypso II – the Calypso was rammed by a barge at the harbor in Singapore and sank. She was raised a week later, patched, and transported to La Rochelle, France, where she remained in the custody of the city’s maritime museum for years. Restored, she will now sail again as an Ambassador for the Seas and Oceans, as Captain Cousteau wished.

What is Ocean Unite?

The ocean is essential to all life on Earth. It provides at least half the oxygen we breathe, it has absorbed a third of our CO2 emissions, and more than 90% of the heat from those emissions. It supports the livelihoods of more than 3 billion people, puts food on our plates, and is a source of inspiration and solace, but the ocean is under threat.

Ocean Unite brings together a diverse group of conservationists, business leaders, philanthropies, and influential individuals who share a common concern: that the ocean and marine life – once thought to be infinite – now face a questionable future. Ocean Unite’s expert team is working to catalyze ocean regeneration by engaging and activating audiences around the world on the importance of the ocean, as well as innovating change and accelerating investment in building ocean health and resilience.

Ocean Unite was set up in 2015 as a Global Leadership Initiative by Virgin Unite and a group of key partners, united in their commitment to ocean conservation, and is now a US 501(c)3 foundation.